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System description

From Wij vertrouwen stemcomputers niet

This is the high-level documentation that shows the principal flow of events before, during and after an election. Most of the material is culled from other sources. so this page is not fit for publication without review.

The order of events is like this:

  1. A PC connected to a programming/readout device and the Integrated Election System (Dutch: ISS) software is used to program the election configuration into a memory module.
  2. The memory module is put into the election computer before the start of the election and stays there until after the election is closed
  3. The voting computer is switched on, brought into test mode and the election configuration is tested.
  4. The voting computer is switched to election mode
  5. The election supervisor uses the control box to unlock the voting function once for each eligible voter
  6. The voter enters his vote and acknowledges his vote with the big red button, the vote is stored into the memory module.
  7. Repeat 5. and 6. until election is closed
  8. The supervisor closes the election
  9. The vote result is read from the display of the machine and/or printed, the printout is archived in the logbook of the voting station
  10. The memory module is removed from the machine, transported to a central location and put into the programming/readout device
  11. The Integrated Election Software is used to read out the election results from each memory module. After all modules from the machines in the area have been read, the final result is tabulated and can be used to generate the official publications etc. in the ISS software.
  12. For large elections, the result is transmitted either by modem or manually to the central tabulation bureau.